About us

About us

Robust ICT Services and Solutions

EXCTEL is a consultant system integrator, engineering custom projects from best-in-class, off-the-shelf products. We focus on systems that have to perform reliably in hazardous and high-stress environments such as industrial plants, mines, marine, defense, and offshore installations.

EXCTEL provides specialized consultancy services in ICT, Telecommunication, Instrumentation, and Control for Energy, Construction, Utilities, Mining, Transportation, Infrastructure, Defence, and marine industries. For all these, EXCTEL has value propositions for E&C companies as well as project owners and other integrators.

EXCTEL gained market experience over 20 years working on major oil and gas projects in 25 countries building robust expertise and knowledge whilst engineering our digital transformation. Our intimate knowledge of ICT, Telecommunication, Safety, Security, Navigation, and Automation overs a wide range of engineering projects from upstream to downstream.

With an enviable bank of experience executing complex projects, our engineers and managers offer innovative designs and cost-effective solutions in system integration. From working with the end-user or the EPC team to even specific in-between solutions, EXCTEL offers an array of services. From single technical solutions to an entire suite, from a sole facility to a widely spread installation, EXCTEL can meet a project’s requirements throughout its life cycle.

Our engineering team is industry-trained with at least 10 years of experience and a track record in FEED, conceptual design, detailed design, site engineering, and testing.

EXCTEL brings a unique level of competence into each new project, and our capabilities within telecom engineering, integration, and total project management and execution are proven in some of the most demanding projects in the various industries. It has successfully executed and completed Telecommunication and Security Systems Integration (TSI) projects since its inception.

Strategic intent

  • Reduce complexity through design-to-cost techniques
  • Minimize project engineering cost by avoiding duplicated effort
  • Lower procurement/logistics costs leveraging on specialist skills in sourcing, expediting, negotiation and co-ordination
  • Lessen project timescales by deploying focused knowledge
  • Reduce fabrication, installation, and commissioning time by design for integration at the outset
  • Curtail in-house PEM resources as required or for the full project period
Be a leader offering innovative, efficient, and quality solutions in engineering and ICT integration.
Build a robust knowledge based company offering value to customers and stakeholders.